More Than Just Training,
a Sustainable Approach

Our Approach

What if the future of professional development was both flexible and sustainable? With a human approach, Skillable develops learning paths that contribute to behaviour change and to the strategic initiatives within an organization.


Discover our platform and our core guiding principles.


+ Work-Integrated

Growing and Working, the Same Day
Development activities designed to fit into the learner’s workflow. Flexible and adapted to the organization, our approach promotes productivity practical application, knowledge-sharing, and assimilation.


+ By Microlearning

Assimilate Simply but Surely
In a time where we are hard pressed for time and the attention span is becoming shorter and shorter, learning must be simple and accessible.  Chunking learning into more digestible units ensure better comprehension and retention.


+ Spaced

Spaced Repetition to Optimize Retention
Learning is spread over a period of time, covered and repeated at regular intervals in order to ensure maximum retention.


+ Paced

Just-in-time Learning
Microlearning is a proven learning method, but it must be introduced at the right time. With our technology, we support learners throughout their journey and offer pace learning to keep their attention. This way, we ensure a long-lasting growth.


+ Challenging

Continually Challenged
Throughout their journey, learners face a challenge; a specific, complex but achievable goal that allows them to reach their potential. A tangible and sustainable behaviour change centres on this stimulating experience.


Our Platform

An Optimal Pace
Simple, accessible and intuitive, the Skillable platform provides a learning pace that ensure a sustainable assimilation of knowledge.

A Collaborative Dynamic
Our platform provides an opportunity for connection and sharing information, which strengthens and reinforces the learning experience.

Keeping an Eye on the Path
With the support of our technology, journey leaders ensure the learning path runs smoothly. By monitoring the progress of their team, they are able to identify and anticipate any difficulties and adapt the activities accordingly.