Rio Tinto Alcan

Transformation Path

Leadership Development of Plant Managers, Heads of Department and Supervisors in health and safety.

Leadership Development By Choice

Number of participants


Targeted Behaviour

Leadership, Safety, Health


48 weeks


International (10 countries)


Completed (2013-2015)


The Leadership Development by Choice path aims to reach a Zero Incident goal by choice through the understanding and application of leadership behaviours in health, safety, and environment.

The learner

+ Chiefs Executive
+ Operations Managers
+ Managers
+ Supervisors


Rio Tinto Alcan is committed to the health, safety, and well-being of every person working, or just stepping in their buildings.

+ Create an environment where people speak openly about the risks they face at work.

+ Develop a desire to learn from every incident.

+ Commitment to improvement, so everyone goes home safe and healthy every day.


+ Development and support of the company’s leaders
+ Culture transformation support
+ Implementation of a common language
+ Team commitment


Our Skillable learning path showed concrete results: a decrease in reportable injuries, a tangible improvement in leadership and a development of a common language within the organization.

Daniel Poitras, Principal Advisor, HSE Risk Management, Aluminium

Rio Tinto

Photos credit : Copyright © 2018 Rio Tinto.
Photos credit : Copyright © 2018 Rio Tinto.